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Take back the lesbian scene

Preserve true lesbian culture

What is Lezbiconic?

Lezbiconic is a European association dedicated to young lesbians. We have organised to protect the definition of female homosexuality as a female-only same-sex attraction.

Our Situation

The inclusion of gender identity in legislation and society has caused young lesbians harm. We will address the problem and call it out.

Our Expectations

We expect our governments to define and take action to protect female homosexuality as an exclusive sexual orientation towards people of the female sex, i.e. women.


Our Mission

Provide female-only lesbian events and preserve true lesbian culture.

Become a Member

Lesbians of all ages can be associated members. Only lesbians under the age of 40 who agree with our bylaws can become members.

We are listening to young lesbians

Lesbians are frequently ignored, even by LGBT organisations who claim to represent them. In recent years we have seen some of the most influential organisations be openly and unapologetically lesphobic.

Lezbiconic is run by lesbians for lesbians, and we will listen to young lesbians and their experiences and struggles that they face today.
With this information we will inspire change and focus on providing events that young lesbians yearn for. And we'll do it in style.

Representing lesbians across Europe

We focus solely on lesbians, dedicated to influencing and driving positive change for young lesbians in Europe.

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